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The hosts

At the helm of La Nava are Javier Medem and Almudena del Moral, who have been working together ever since they first met. Javier brings a focus on family tradition to his role as Director General, and Almudena makes sure that every last detail is perfectly catered to each guest’s tastes.

The couple is accompanied by a team of experienced professionals who contribute their varied expertise to create a truly comprehensive and one-of-a kind experience.

Family private villa in Spain
private villa in Spain

History of

La Nava

For decades, La Nava has been owned and operated by the Medem family. Thanks to their involvement in the Spanish tradition of partridge shooting, the villa has been closely linked to this activity throughout its past.

Today, Javier Medem preserves the spirit of the traditional family business while taking La Nava to new heights—updating its offering while paying respect to its history.

as seen in


“Vip happiness is in the country”


“A Lodge in the Land
of Don Quijote”




“An Exclusive, Elusive, Private Estate in Spain”



The Staff

Director of Events Family private villa in Spain

Beatriz Pastrana

Director of Events

With over 25 years of experience in the luxury sector, Beatriz is responsible for organizing all kinds of events at La Nava, and for our relationships with corporate and Spanish agencies.

Marie de Villemandy

International Events

With a strong experience in the Luxury sector for multinational companies, Marie is responsible for organizing events at La Nava, and for our relationships with international agencies.

Margarita Vivar

Director of the House

Margarita has been with us for over 20 years, and is in charge of the on-site staff. She works tirelessly to ensure that each guest feels at home.

Stables Manager private villa in Spain


Stables Manager

Vicente is responsible for the stables horse tours, care of horses.

Miguel Ángel Sanchez

Estate Manager

Miguel directs the team responsible for maintaining the grounds, ensuring that the land surrounding the villa is always in perfect condition.


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To ensure our guests’ privacy and maintain the standards and personalization that La Nava del Barranco requires, all our bookings are done via phone, email or the contact form.

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