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La Nava del Barranco’s cuisine truly sets it apart, featuring prime ingredients from the very best suppliers. Here you can savor the most sophisticated Spanish gastronomy, accompanied by spectacular local wines.

Try the famous Iberian cured ham and aged cheeses, along with specialties like salmorejo and migas. In addition, enjoy meat sourced straight from the north of Spain, and traditional dishes expertly prepared by our private chef—as well as local recipes inspired by our surroundings.

We truly embrace the concept of sustainability through organic dishes that come from our own backyard. Moreover, for something really special, try the fresh partridge and other local game, reflecting the tradition of hunting that’s been practiced here for generations.

La Nava, a high standard gastronomic proposal with local influence!

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Enjoy one of the most memorable gastronomic experiences in Europe: an elegant lunch in the midst of nature, served by our exceptional culinary team. Feel the sunlight on your skin, meanwhile you hear the birdsong from above, take in the aroma of local wines, and taste the delectable flavors of our gourmet cuisine.

La Nava del Barranco is a full service property in which you will live a tailor-made and unforgettable experience.

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What our

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“ Impossible to
better it ”

"Thank you, Beatriz. It went fantastically well. Impossible to better it."


“A spectacular space”

"A spectacular space; the impressive service and the land around the estate, in short, a fantastic and spectacular place; every year you out do yourself."


“We had a great time”

"We had a great time and the service, and the house were amazing! Everyone was delighted, so thank you very much."


“The estate is incredible”

""The estate is incredible, a marvel and we've come back happy than ever. Moreover, the food was extraordinary. Thank you very much."



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To ensure our guests’ privacy and maintain the standards and personalization that La Nava del Barranco requires, all our bookings are done via phone, email or the contact form.

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