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“Magnificent experience”

stars experience

Just a couple of lines to say thank you and give you some feedback on the group’s impression after the off-site celebration at Nava. The Steering Committee came back saying that the site, the house, the exclusivity, the food, the service, the attention, the professionalism and organization, were all fabulous. They came back delighted. Congratulations. I wanted to mention one small detail. At breakfast there was a lot of sun … just so you can take it into account … Thank you very much. Magnificent experience. Absolutely an Event of Excellence”.


“Fantastic experience”

stars experience

I would like you to send a letter of thanks to Javier Medem and at the same time congratulate him for all the services provided at La Nava for the events for Canon from the 16th and 19th to the 21st of May. The new technologies mean that all our actions and human relations move quicker, and we often seek to create a quick impact, but which is ultimately superficial and short-lived. However, I think Javier has given La Nava and his team a different spirit that seeks to penetrate to the depths of people. In the Nava you literally stop time and enjoy it in all its senses. Organizing an event in La Nava is a unique and fantastic experience


“We are are delighted”

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just a few lines from the airport to thank you for the treatment you gave us at La Nava. Both Peugeot and my company are delighted, not only with the amenities, but also with the people who work for you, as well as with Beatriz. We hope to repeat the event every year and to be able to institutionalize it. Hopefully we will get to know each other during one of our visits. Once again, thank you so much for everything


“Unforgettable experience ”

stars experience

The experience has been unforgettable and very impressive. Both the environment and the service are surprising and exquisite. Congratulations to the whole team on our behalf. I’m sure we’ll repeat one of your proposals. Do not hesitate to keep us up to date on all the news you may have



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